My Story

Yep- that’s a picture of me. That was the look on my face when I first saw my wife walking down the aisle on our wedding day. It was the same look on my face when both of our sons were born. It was shock and awe of pure happiness. Interestingly enough I had a similar look on my face when my psychiatrist said the words, “You have Bipolar Type II.” Every symptom, the ups, the downs, the sleepless nights, the impulsive decisions, my my behavior toward peers when I was younger. There’s more to the story… Check out the podcast and blog posts as they are released to learn more.


So much of my life has been shaped by the hypomanic episodes, energy and obsessiveness. Here’s a list of some of the benefits of my Bipolar Type IIĀ 

  • Became a personal trainer
  • Decided to go to law school
  • Opened up my own law practice in Orlando for Entertainment Law and Estate Planning
  • Became a Voice Over Artist (audio book currently on Audible)
  • Opened up a Search Engine Optimization Business (SEO) for Law Firms
  • This website, blog and podcast